Slip, Trip, & Fall Attorneys in Westfield, NJ

I fell and hurt myself on someone’s property what should I do? First thing you should do is look around you and make observations as to what caused you to fall. Was it a pot hole? Or was it ice? Or was it water on the floor? Was it a cracked sidewalk? It is important that you see what was the cause of your Next if your injuries require it you should go to the hospital and then call Harrell Smith and Williams at (908) 543-7037 before you ever speak to the property owner’s insurance company.

Did you know that property owners and business owners have an obligation to take steps to ensure that their patrons are not hurt on the property? Often times property owners try to cut costs and try to put their profits before the safety of their customers. They often fail to mitigate and reduce hazards associated with the maintenance of their properties.

Some common issues we have seen from property owners are: the failure to remove snow and ice from sidewalks and parking lots; the failure to fix potholes in parking lots and cracks in sidewalks; and the failure to keep stores clean of liquid and garbage on the floors. These landlords and business owners can be held liable for any injuries you may have sustained on their property if caused by a fall resulting from such failures. Call now for a free evaluation to see what duties the property owners and business owners have breached in your case. If you have been injured due to a trip and fall or slip and fall accident on someone’s property give us a call to discuss your rights.

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