Workers Compensation

I was injured on the job, what should I do? This unfortunately is a very common occurrence here in New Jersey and across the county. Understanding your rights and obligations is very important in getting you the help you need and deserve to recover. All workers in the state are entitled to three things 1) Medical treatment 2) Temporary disability 3) Permanency Award. Employers and their insurance companies often times throw up road blocks to workers trying to get what they desire. This is where Harrell Smith and Williams can help you navigate the roadblocks and pitfalls put up by the insurance companies, which are trying to prevent you from getting what is rightfully yours.

When you’re injured on the job you should immediately report the accident to your employer. Your employer is obligated to send you for medical attention. Do not worry that your employer will be stuck paying the bills because the State of New Jersey has mandated that all employers in the state have Workers Compensation insurance. New Jersey has some of the best laws in the country to protect injured workers. If the insurance company wrongfully denies you the medical treatment you should contact our firm so we can fight for you and take on the insurance company by taking them to court to force them to provide you with the right medical treatment.

If your injuries force you to miss more than 10 days of work you are entitled to temporary disability payments retroactively to your first day missed. Contact our firm to ensure that you are getting what you rightfully deserve. If the insurance company is unwilling to pay you or says you should return to work before you are able, we can take them to court to ensure your rights are protected. Finally if you suffer any type of permanent injury as a result of your workplace accident you are entitled to a permanency award. The insurance companies have attorneys working for them with the goal of trying to have you take a low-ball offer. Don’t do it! Contact us to ensure you get every dollar you deserve. The sooner you call one of our experience workers Compensation attorneys the sooner we will be able to protect you. Call now (908) 543-7037.

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