New Jersey Personal Injury Claims & Available CompensationNew Jersey’s legal system allows for those injured as a result of another’s negligent actions to file personal injury lawsuits. Successful personal injury claims, however, are never guaranteed. Large corporations and insurance companies are often equipped with attorneys who are focused on limiting the amount of compensation injured victims can recover. In order to level the playing field, obtaining the support of a strong legal advocate is necessary.

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The renowned attorneys at Harrell, Smith & Williams, LLC have extensive experience handling a variety of personal injury cases, including car accident claims, slip and fall accidents, and dog bite cases. The firm is dutifully focused on standing up for the rights and interests of their clients. They are disciplined, aggressive, and determined to succeed for their clients. To obtain a maximum compensation for the damages you have endured after an accident, consider contacting the firm. Call (908) 264-7228 or complete the confidential online contact form to have your case evaluated at no-cost today.

Handling a Variety of Personal Injury Claims in New Jersey

Substantial financial settlements can be obtained for victims of every type of personal injury accident, including: Auto accident cases, Motorcycle accidents, Large truck accident claims, Bicycle accidents, Pedestrian accident cases, Dog bite injury claims,  Traumatic brain injury cases, Construction accidents, Nursing home abuse, Medical malpractice claims, Product liability claims and Wrongful death claims.

Compensatory Damages Can Make a Difference in Your Recovery

Compensatory damages are obtained in successful personal injury cases when a wrongdoer is found at-fault for causing the accident that resulted in the victim’s losses. Depending on the specifics of an accident, injured victims can experience a plethora of harmful consequences. Upon a successful personal injury claim, financial compensation can be obtained for economic and non-economic damages, including, but not limited to:

  1. Economic Damages – Medical expenses, Prescription medication costs, At-home care costs, Physical therapy costs, Rehabilitation, Loss of income, Loss of benefits, Loss of earning potential and Property damage.
  1. Non-Economic Damages –  Physical impairment, Emotional distress, Pain and suffering, Disfigurement, Inconvenience, Unjust hardship and Loss of enjoyment of life.

What Factors Might Influence the Value of Your Claim?

There are a number of factors that could have an impact on the potential value of a case. Some examples include:

  1. The Severity of the Injury – Depending on the severity of the injury or injuries, the value of the claim will be affected. Generally speaking, the more serious the injury, the higher the settlement or verdict will be. When an accident results in a catastrophic injury, such as a spinal cord injury or brain trauma, the claim will likely warrant a higher settlement.

Further, some injuries will result in permanent hardship where victims will never be able to make a full recovery. Since these victims usually require ongoing treatment, medical care, home modifications, and domestic assistance, the case can account for these damages. Additionally, the claim can also account for future damages the victim will reasonably incur as a result of the tort.

  1. Your Contribution to the Accident – In many cases, the defendant will not be held legally responsible for 100 percent of the damages. This is especially true when the victim’s own negligence contributed to the accident. Since the State of New Jersey follows the comparative negligence doctrine, the amount of compensation paid out to the victim will be reduced by the percentage found at-fault. If the victim’s fault exceeds 50 percent, he or she will be barred from pursuing damages.
  1. Continued Medical Treatment – After any accident, it is important to maintain medical treatment. When ignoring the doctor’s orders, it may be difficult to collect compensation for the injury sustained, even if the other party was found responsible for the accident. Insurance companies may not pay for the losses incurred when the victim failed to mitigate the damages. In order to avoid this type of dispute, it is critically important to follow the doctor’s orders, ensure all appointments are kept, and prescriptions are taken. This will also facilitate medical recovery.

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In a split second, an accident can cause life-long challenges. When the accident was caused as a result of another’s carelessness, negligence, or intentional wrongdoing, New Jersey allows for the opportunity to seek monetary compensation from the responsible party through a personal injury claim. Whether you were in a slip and fall accident, auto accident, or other type of negligent accident, contact the support of a skilled attorney who can advocate on your behalf.

The New Jersey personal injury attorneys at Harrell, Smith & Williams, LLC are exceptionally qualified in a wide range of accident cases caused by another’s wrongdoing. The firm’s goal is to obtain the best possible financial result for their clients, accomplishing this as efficiently as possible. To schedule a complimentary consultation with the firm, consider calling (908) 264-7228 or complete the confidential contact form here.