Negotiations and Damages on New Jersey Injury ClaimsWhen a person suffers a serious injury caused by the misconduct or negligence of another individual, company, or government agency, the injured person has the legal right to seek monetary compensation for his or her financial losses. The State of New Jersey allows victims of negligence the opportunity to seek monetary compensation from the party responsible for their losses through the filing of a civil action claim known as a personal injury lawsuit.

There are a vast number of ways a person can be injured by another, making personal injury lawsuits difficult to investigate. Fortunately, a claim can be filed with the support of an experienced personal injury attorney who has the knowledge and skills necessary to hold the negligent party responsible for his or her negligent actions.

Protecting the Rights of Accident Victims

For Harrell, Smith & Williams, LLC, helping injured victims succeed in their personal injury cases is a top priority. By using their time-tested investigative process, the proficient attorneys at Harrell, Smith & Williams, LLC have successfully helped countless clients in complex traffic accident cases, cases involving hospital negligence, catastrophic injury cases, and more.

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The Challenge of Negotiating a Personal Injury Settlement

When filing a personal injury claim in New Jersey, the defendant’s insurance company will likely get involved in the case. Insurance adjusters are known for their schemes in trying to take advantage of injured victims, regardless of whether the defendant was at-fault for causing the victim’s injuries or not. The practices and procedures of deceitful insurance companies will often involve pressuring victims into accepting low-balled settlement offers that do little to provide sufficient compensation.

Claims adjusters usually contact injured victims, often pretending to be concerned with their losses and injuries. They will usually communicate their intent to make the victim whole again, but they will use this phone call to collect any evidence they can later use against the victim. Another known tactic frequently used by insurance claims adjusters is to contact injured victims with a settlement offer that is supposedly only available for a limited time. Their main goal is to pressure victims into accepting low-paying settlement offers and to prevent victims from obtaining the support of a skilled attorney.

Unfortunately in most cases, accepting a quick settlement will only benefit the insurance company, usually to the detriment of the injured victim. Even when claims adjusters tell victims that this is the best and highest possible offer they will receive, history shows that this is far from the truth. Insurance companies are notorious for wanting to minimize victim’s claims, therefore, offering the least amount of compensation possible. By making an initial offer, insurance companies hope to pay the least amount possible an injured victim will accept.

Calculating Future Damages Is Also Challenging

When a person’s injuries are permanent or long-term, future medical care will be necessary. In these cases, it is critically important to accurately factor in future costs. On the contrary, injured victims may face growing medical bills they will not be able to afford. Likewise, when the injuries limit their ability to work, the loss of future income should also be included in the personal injury claim.

Figuring out future losses can be complex and it may be important to enlist experts who can evaluate the extent of the injuries and also determine future needs. Moreover, a financial expert may be needed to compute the value of the future damages, loss of income and workplace benefits, and home accommodations.

Secure the Compensation You Need With the Support of an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Every day, hundreds of accidents happen throughout New Jersey and any of these accidents can result in life-changing injuries. When an accident was caused by a negligent person, company, or government agency, it is imperative to seek the support of a qualified attorney who will aggressively advocate for a fair compensation.

Unfortunately, there are many challenges injured victims will face when seeking compensation from the party that caused the accident, one being facing deceitful insurance claims adjusters. At Harrell, Smith & Williams, LLC, the firm is well-aware of how insurance claims adjusters operate. For this reason, the firm works tirelessly to help their clients obtain a maximum settlement. To achieve this, the firm never rushes to negotiate a settlement offer, especially when the injuries involved are severe.

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