Head-On Collision on Route 181 Result in 1 Death and 1 Serious InjurySparta, New Jersey (January 31st, 2021) – According to Sparta Police Lieutenant John Lamon, a female resident from Sparta was tragically killed and a township male suffered serious injuries in a head-on vehicle accident that happened on the evening of Sunday, January 31st, on Route 181.

Police indicate that Erin Moore was traveling south on Woodport Road, also known as Route 181, on a Hyundai Tucson. Moore was traveling near Signal Hill Trail at approximately 5:30 p.m. when another driver crossed over onto the southbound lanes and collided head-on with her vehicle.

The second driver has only been identified as a 41-year-old man, who was driving a BMW 540i at the time of the accident.

Fire crews from the Sparta Fire Department utilized a tool known as the Jaws of Life to free the female victim from her vehicle. Once freed, she was rushed to the Newton Medical Center. She was pronounced deceased upon arrival at the hospital.

The second driver was rushed to Morristown Medical Center in a medevac. He had to undergo emergency surgery for back and head injuries. According to Lt. Lemon, the condition of the male is not known.

The cause of the head-on collision has not yet been determined. The case remains an open investigation by the Sussex County Prosecutor’s Office along with the Sparta Detective Bureau. At this time, it is not known whether the male driver is facing any criminal charges over the death of the woman.

While head-on collisions account for a very small percentage of the total number of auto accidents each year, these accidents are considered some of the most serious. Head-on collisions can lead to devastating injuries and in most cases, death. When a person survives a head-on collision, the victim can face a lifetime of medicare care, disability, and incur substantial economic losses while in recovery.

Head-on car accidents are caused when vehicles collide front-end to front-end. Many of these accidents are caused by reckless driving or driving while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Although high-speed collisions lead to catastrophic injuries and fatalities, head-on collisions that occur at low speeds can also have serious consequences.

One of the most common causes of head-on collisions is caused by driver fatigue. When a person is on the road for extended periods of time, their exhaustion can lead them to fall asleep while on the road. Anyone who is sleep-deprived faces diminished reflexes and inattention.

Another major cause of head-on collisions is distracted driving. In today’s fast-paced world, motorists can quickly become distracted when trying to multitask behind the wheel. Distracted driving can include talking on a cellphone, texting, looking up directions on a GPS device, grooming, or reading while driving. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it only takes a few seconds of inattention to travel very long distances.

A third common cause of head-on collisions is poor roadway conditions. Drivers generally expect roads to be free from hazards. Unfortunately, a road can deteriorate over time, which can easily lead to a head-on collision. Aside from decayed roads, a road can also have broken guardrails, inadequate lighting, and have faded street lines, all of which can cause an unsuspecting driver to veer head-on into oncoming traffic.

Today, automobile makers have refined auto designs that significantly improve vehicle safety features. Some of these features include stronger, smarter airbags. The vehicle’s tough exterior is also a great deterrent to serious injuries in most car accidents. Still, when a person is involved in a head-on collision, the impact of the collision can result in devastating injuries, all of which can change the life of the victim and his or her family forever.

One of the most serious injuries of head-on collisions is whiplash. Whiplash is perhaps the most common type of injury in car accidents, but in a head-on collision, this injury can be particularly violent. Depending on the impact of the collision, the person’s head can be violently jerked forward or from side to side. This can lead to injuries to the person’s muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Another common injury in head-on collisions is a traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injuries are some of the most devastating injuries a person can sustain. This is because of the human brain’s fragility – even the slightest injury can have life-long, detrimental consequences. Traumatic brain injuries are serious and are often difficult to detect without a proper medical evaluation.

Finally, spinal cord injuries are common injuries resulting from head-on collisions. In the event of an impact, a person can sustain herniated disc injuries, or have his or her spinal cord severed. An injury to the spinal cord can lead to complete or partial paralysis or even death.

Since head-on collisions can often lead to long-lasting injuries, it is important for injured victims to understand that they may have a legal right to pursue legal action against the party at fault for the accident. In the State of New Jersey, auto accident victims typically obtain monetary compensation for their injuries through their personal auto insurance coverage. In the event of a catastrophic injury, however, injured victims have a legal right to seek additional damages through a claim against the careless party who caused them harm.

Head-on accident cases are particularly challenging and victims are encouraged to seek legal support to maximize their settlement award. If you or a loved one was seriously hurt in a head-on collision, obtain proficient legal support and get started on your case today.

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