Construction Accident

Did you know that if you’re injured on a construction site you may be entitled to two forms of compensation? Through your employer you will be entitle to workers compensation benefits. For more information regarding worker compensation benefits, please see our section here. For basics, you are entitled to be paid for your time out of work, your medical bills, and a percentage of permanency based on your injury. You may also be able to receive compensation through a general contractor or property owner for your pain and suffering. General contractors have an overall duty to provide a safe work environment. This includes a duty to abide by safety regulations and OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Act, to ensure the work place is safe for its workers. If the General Contractor fails and, as a result, you are hurt you may be entitled to compensation. Call Harrell Smith and Williams at (908) 543-7037 to speak to a experienced trial lawyer. The defendants have experienced attorneys working for them you should too.

Our lawyers will also represent you in civil litigation cases such as Work Compensation, Medical Malpractice and much more.